30 Days Challenge

     If I was able to participate in this cultural experiment, I would want to live with the Amish. This would be my biggest challenge because our world today lives around technology. Amish forbid things like, technology, electricity, cars, photographs, and all music except for church music. Amish children only go to school through 8th grade. After that, they have to find work to do, like tend their farm. Amish people also make all their own food. They raise their own animals and tend to their own gardens. 

     When I go for these 30 days, I would try to fit in as much as I could. I would try to adjust to their customs and their ways of life. This would definitely challenge me because I have different values and beliefs than them. I would stay with an Amish family and try to fit in with their way of life and learn how to do the things they do. This would definitely put me out of place and I would do things that I never would have thought I would ever do. Technology and electricity is an enormous part of my lifestyle. We use lights all the time and drive our cars to places. Amish people do not do that. They may have a candle or two, but they do not have lights. They do not use cars so they walk everywhere they want to go. This would challenge me even more because I would not have my phone or computer with me. I use my phone all the time. I use it for things like texting, calling, and going on apps. I do not know what I would do with myself if I was not able to have my phone or computer. Amish people shun those who leave the community. They rarely travel and they stay in their own little community. If you leave the community, you never can come back. This would challenge me because I like to travel and to see the world. I believe that it is important to travel and see new things so you can get different perspectives. This is not beneficial to young adults who are trying to discover who they are. Young adults need to be able to travel and find what they like to do. They also cannot take photographs. They believe that it is disrespectful to take photographs. I love taking photographs. I print out pictures and put them in albums all the time. This would challenge me because I feel like I would not be able to keep memories by taking pictures.

     Overall, this would be the place where I would struggle the most. Technology and electricity is a huge part in today’s society. In an Amish community, everything is basically done by hand. I would not be able to use a light to see something or use Google to look something up. I believe that technology is important to advance our lifetime. Scientists learn new things everyday from technology and advance it everyday. So, I believe it is important to have technology so we can improve our society. They also do not travel, which is a challenge for me because I feel like traveling opens your mind to new things. Different places and cultures can give you a new outlook on life and the things you do. Lastly, a challenge would be that I cannot take photographs. This is a challenge because I like to document memories. Even though there would be challenges and struggles for me, I think it would be a good experience to live in an Amish community for 30 days. It will open up my perspective on things and I will get to see how other people live. 


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